Modern Motion is a New-Wave Indie-Rock Power-Trio in the most appropriate place to be a New-Wave Indie-Rock Power-Trio, Indianapolis. The music is fast, slow, loud, soft, and everything in-between, lost hopelessly and glassy-eyed in a night club. Shaken and stirred. In a blender.

More fashionable than you could ever be, the band explores all levels of the emotional spectrum, where their live performance will take you to the edge if you let it.
— Benjamin Swisher, Zaptown Magazine
They play with diversity; mixing up both tempo and sound. They are skilled musicians and their vocals are flawless.
— Lisa L Borm, IndyConcerts
Their music is a bit of everything. It’s neither fast nor slow, sad or happy. It’s in between. That’s what I like about it. There is time to think it through, think through the lyrics, what they mean and what they stand for.
— Lovecat, dingusonmusic