Episode 30: CAN JAM (8/16/18)

Come get ON BRAND with us as we answer listener questions and share our horror stories with all sports involving spherical objects, wonder how those hipster cave men got so good at art, and technologic tantrums. A very serious podcast with very serious men.

Episode 28: GO BLONDER (6/17/18)

Load your Maserati with Yellow Tail Wine as we share war stories such as Jared's heroics in the battlefield of foam, Kirk's shootout in the laser tag arena, and Von's battle with 16 Blue Moon beers in the scorching sun. We also pay tribute to Anthony Bourdain as we discuss what it's like to be the only person in a restaurant, and Chinese buffets that offer pizza. Special Guest: Pod Dog.

Episode 25: Offseasons are In Season (5/4/18)

SEASON TWO BEGINS ANEW! New guests, new studio, and new microphone compression techniques! We've got next-level coffee pressing, next-level bird problems, next-level ghost problems, next-level putting holes in your walls, and next-level intergalactic baseball with aliens for control of the next-level universe, and much, much more. Art Bell would be proud of this episode.

Episode 24: Jabroni (12/13/17)

This week’s podcast starts off bemoaning the absence of Von -- out with the flu -- and celebrating the appearance of this week’s guest Chris Banta of Brother O Brother! We go international when Chris fields a call from Canada, we wax poetically on wax, float on the topic of float tanks, try to breath without thinking about breathing, and suplex each other’s memories with pro wrestling nostalgia. Not your boy toys. Just keep your hands in your gloves.

Episode 23: Celebrity Grocery Store (11/8/17)

Join us as we rub elbows and spin tales with Brian "B'Squared" Barbour and his 30+ years of experience inside the music business. We also get into the correct way to shave your chest hair before running a marathon, the importance of wind chimes, and Jared's 5th appendage. Word of the Day: DEBAUCHERY

Episode 21: Time Travelers Club LLC. (10/10/17)

Join us as we are affectionately joined by AJ Noblitt of Among The Compromised for a VERY LENGTHY podcast! We get deep on the Indianapolis music scene, politics, and most importantly, bright red keytars. The fellas also realize they missed their calling on being a ridiculous talking head on a 24 hour news network. And, in their spare time, predict the death of AOL Instant Messenger 2 days before it's announced. Y'know, simpler times. (please do not make illegal copies of this podcast on your 90's tape deck.)

Episode 20: Febreze as a Perfume (9/27/17)

The life-changing ideas (trademark) keep flowing (trademark) as Von invents flavored milk pre-packaged with cereal dust (trademark), camera man robots (trademark), and robots that are there simply to be proud of everything you do (trademark.) In other news, cats are nuts.

Episode 19: Starburst Wars (9/13/17)

We continue our deep scientific method of bringing you debate about the things that REALLY matter: ranking candy by color (that devolves into a blood feud between Kirk and Jared.) If that's too sweet, we have Jared's vegetarian talk to give Von a dietary indentity crisis. But really, just eat candy all day, every day, and you'll be fine. But never, ever sunflower seeds.

Episode 18: Child Birth in VR (9/5/17)

Modern Motion has figured out everything you need to know about science, and has effectively ended it. There is nowhere left to go. (also please don't steal our idea of jamming USB sticks directly into your brain and downloading the entirety of someone's thoughts and life experiences until we can patent it, thank you.)

Episode 17: REALLY REALLY REALLY (8/29/17)

Take a JOURNEY with us through pop music, as we also find out human language is really really really really really REALLY strange. Say things in good taste, things get weird when they're said badly. This is breaking news. So sit back, drink your Tab soda ironically, and enjoy as 3 guys explain feminine hygiene products to you in great detail.

Episode 16: After Dark, Things Get Dark (8/8/17)

We prepare for our FM Radio debut by debuting the Cuss Counter and getting out all deviance. This episode has more information than you will ever want to know. Rockstar Recovery is just what Dr. Pepper ordered. Just, don't ask. And don't google image search "Chiller" for the NES or you may wind up like Von. Alright, look, we're all tired. And we'll keep it at that. Cuss Counter: too many. everyone loses. END THE SHOW

Episode 15: SentiANT (7/27/17)

The 90's are IN, and jazz music is basically just basketball. Are ants secret serial killers? Is taking a walk outside more healthy than confining yourself inside your home? All burning questions, JUST as burning as the roman candle that nearly disfigured Kirk for life, and as THRILLING as the rollercoaster that nearly killed Von.

Episode 14: I Recommended It To Myself (7/13/17)

Child Kirk gives Gangster's Paradise album to another child. Is autotune a product of producers or consumers? Von put all his character stat points into music, not movies. He is also now doing the energy drink thing. Kirk's friend pushes him into the pool, find out why. Sun King Brewery is already our sponsor, but they don't know it yet and they haven't paid us or given us beer. Fill out a form on the website and Von will visit your house shortly. Is music better knowing the technicals? Sometimes.

Episode 13: "Naked Pictures" REVIEW SHOW (7/1/17)

We lovingly and painstakingly listen through the entire Naked Pictures album and recount our struggles and inspirations. Take that journey with us and unlock the secrets of our dark magicks. Settle in for a long one, but appreciate the exclusive access to our collective brain dump!