Episode 7 (04/04/17)

Our guest Radomir Jordanovic provides so much content, Von and Jared can retire from the podcast. People love to commit to being in a movie and then don't show up, and Radomir is disappointed and confused. Radomir knows too many Jareds and many of them are awesome. No one likes Jared's popping noises, but why? Don't make fun of sandwich artists, they hate that. Costume Maiden Name and Modesty Lotion finally together in the same podcast! Minutes before the premiere, Radomir adds original Modern Motion music to the Naptown Vice soundtrack. Von was almost the bassist for Dell Zell, and Radomir thinks that's alright. Radomir stands around dressed up in a pool room with binders to interview no one. Radomir builds Neverland in his basement and then stands on the street corner and invites people to be in a non-porn movie, and Kirk is endlessly entertained.

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