Episode 11: Yuengling Is What Budweiser Should Be (06/07/17)

Kirk was way cooler when he was younger. Von encourages Kirk to be an alpha, not a beta, and to eat chicken nuggets. We had a show at Square Cat Vinyl. Von demonstrates the call of one single virgin-ass bird that keeps him up at 4am for exactly one hour. Hearing a cricket in your house means you are fucked, but Von found sweet release one time. Kirk shares his dream of wanting to see an asshole tailgating pickup truck get picked off by a cop as the truck blows by him in the fast lane. We dive down the deep hole of transferring consciousness into machines. Kirk thinks bud light is gross, and would prefer bud heavy, or better yet, new Indiana arrival Yuengling. GIF: "Jiff" or "giff"? The creator was wrong, but we eventually figured it out. Jared reminisces about Hard Gay Razor Ramon, and also Japanese porn blurs penises. Kirk recalls his resident ghost and the infamous open window, and Von follows with the most terrifying childhood encounter.