Episode 8 (04/16/17)

Von is just remembering how to talk, despite his tinnitus. We all agree centipedes, spiders, and moths should not crawl into human ears. Modern Motion had a splendid show in Chicago, and Von should have used protection. Stage fog thickens on Kirk's hands to make playing the keys challenging. Jared goes to Utah to ski, and he stopped falling as much as his first trip. Guys named Frank must love hot dogs. While snowboarding, Kirk learns to throw himself off the ski lift and roll out of the way. Jared's nephew learned to ski but not how to stop. Kirk drops many things on his toes and Von has uncomfortable toe surgery, but Jared doesn't care to hear about it, no sir. Tell us your weird stories and maybe we'll read them on a subsequent podcast! Von really knows how to finger that G string. Jared tries to ruin the podcast with more popping noises, but then ends the podcast strong with a vocal only rendition of Ride On.