Episode 10: Fart-Catcher Pillow on a Windowsill (05/29/17)

Von fears losing his hair from wearing headphones all day. We all have strong feels about music production. Much feels. The Chainsmokers have wonderful production and empty songwriting. More specifically, they sound like a fart-catcher pillow on a windowsill. We also have strong feels about lyric content and musical themes, and the challenge to the listener of the aforementioned. Kirk is annoyed by overuse of auto-tune. We are either enlightened or curmudgeons, or possibly both. Jason Derulo's "Trumpets" infuriates Jared because the song features exactly zero real trumpet players. Kirk feels like the vinyl movement was misappropriated. Everyone feel free to pick on Chris Brown. We then discuss how society values music and how much we are willing to pay for it. We are unimpressed by Elvis Presley, send your hate email from our website.