Episode 9 (05/04/17)

Von is above introducing himself. We are sponsored by all kolsch beer everywhere. Von's ID expires so he and Jared and the rest of the party can't get into the strip club, but Kirk needs the addresses of these establishments anyway. We take a podcast photo for Instagram, but now it has occurred in the past. We debate the realities and moralities of objectifying human bodies of various sexes. Von unintentionally befriends a jealous boyfriend's stripper girlfriend and then some drama happens. Kirk has an alcohol shelf, otherwise known as a bar. Jared thinks tequila and whiskey are sippable, even from the lower shelf, and Kirk finds no direct correlation between the price and quality of wine. Kirk is going to perform in a banana suit and Von will wear his gorilla suit. And the podcast is now on iTunes, yay! Kirk has physiological conditions, so perhaps we'll concentrate on album two.