Episode 12: Sponsored By The Little Ghost Kid's Handprints On My Window (06/17/2017)

The ghost stories continue! Jared tells his tale of scaring people at Four Arches Bridge, then Kirk explains his terror of the black-eyed kids. Sleep paralysis, oxygen deprivation to the brain, shadow people, and binge-drinking hangovers are also on the menu. Kirk and his friends see strange inexplicable lights in the sky. What motives would ghosts have to scare the hell out of people? Staring at people from your car might cause them to look back at you, and perhaps water that was subjected to music freezes in different patterns. Kirk will probably be fine in his haunted house when we leave.

Episode 11: Yuengling Is What Budweiser Should Be (06/07/17)

Kirk was way cooler when he was younger. Von encourages Kirk to be an alpha, not a beta, and to eat chicken nuggets. We had a show at Square Cat Vinyl. Von demonstrates the call of one single virgin-ass bird that keeps him up at 4am for exactly one hour. Hearing a cricket in your house means you are fucked, but Von found sweet release one time. Kirk shares his dream of wanting to see an asshole tailgating pickup truck get picked off by a cop as the truck blows by him in the fast lane. We dive down the deep hole of transferring consciousness into machines. Kirk thinks bud light is gross, and would prefer bud heavy, or better yet, new Indiana arrival Yuengling. GIF: "Jiff" or "giff"? The creator was wrong, but we eventually figured it out. Jared reminisces about Hard Gay Razor Ramon, and also Japanese porn blurs penises. Kirk recalls his resident ghost and the infamous open window, and Von follows with the most terrifying childhood encounter.

Episode 10: Fart-Catcher Pillow on a Windowsill (05/29/17)

Von fears losing his hair from wearing headphones all day. We all have strong feels about music production. Much feels. The Chainsmokers have wonderful production and empty songwriting. More specifically, they sound like a fart-catcher pillow on a windowsill. We also have strong feels about lyric content and musical themes, and the challenge to the listener of the aforementioned. Kirk is annoyed by overuse of auto-tune. We are either enlightened or curmudgeons, or possibly both. Jason Derulo's "Trumpets" infuriates Jared because the song features exactly zero real trumpet players. Kirk feels like the vinyl movement was misappropriated. Everyone feel free to pick on Chris Brown. We then discuss how society values music and how much we are willing to pay for it. We are unimpressed by Elvis Presley, send your hate email from our website.

Episode 9 (05/04/17)

Von is above introducing himself. We are sponsored by all kolsch beer everywhere. Von's ID expires so he and Jared and the rest of the party can't get into the strip club, but Kirk needs the addresses of these establishments anyway. We take a podcast photo for Instagram, but now it has occurred in the past. We debate the realities and moralities of objectifying human bodies of various sexes. Von unintentionally befriends a jealous boyfriend's stripper girlfriend and then some drama happens. Kirk has an alcohol shelf, otherwise known as a bar. Jared thinks tequila and whiskey are sippable, even from the lower shelf, and Kirk finds no direct correlation between the price and quality of wine. Kirk is going to perform in a banana suit and Von will wear his gorilla suit. And the podcast is now on iTunes, yay! Kirk has physiological conditions, so perhaps we'll concentrate on album two.

Episode 8 (04/16/17)

Von is just remembering how to talk, despite his tinnitus. We all agree centipedes, spiders, and moths should not crawl into human ears. Modern Motion had a splendid show in Chicago, and Von should have used protection. Stage fog thickens on Kirk's hands to make playing the keys challenging. Jared goes to Utah to ski, and he stopped falling as much as his first trip. Guys named Frank must love hot dogs. While snowboarding, Kirk learns to throw himself off the ski lift and roll out of the way. Jared's nephew learned to ski but not how to stop. Kirk drops many things on his toes and Von has uncomfortable toe surgery, but Jared doesn't care to hear about it, no sir. Tell us your weird stories and maybe we'll read them on a subsequent podcast! Von really knows how to finger that G string. Jared tries to ruin the podcast with more popping noises, but then ends the podcast strong with a vocal only rendition of Ride On.

Episode 7 (04/04/17)

Our guest Radomir Jordanovic provides so much content, Von and Jared can retire from the podcast. People love to commit to being in a movie and then don't show up, and Radomir is disappointed and confused. Radomir knows too many Jareds and many of them are awesome. No one likes Jared's popping noises, but why? Don't make fun of sandwich artists, they hate that. Costume Maiden Name and Modesty Lotion finally together in the same podcast! Minutes before the premiere, Radomir adds original Modern Motion music to the Naptown Vice soundtrack. Von was almost the bassist for Dell Zell, and Radomir thinks that's alright. Radomir stands around dressed up in a pool room with binders to interview no one. Radomir builds Neverland in his basement and then stands on the street corner and invites people to be in a non-porn movie, and Kirk is endlessly entertained.

Various guest links
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Episode 6 (03/22/17)

Von is infuriated by the resurgence of cassette tapes. How do you use a compressor? Kirk and Jared bitch more about the frustrations of dating apps. Chicks dig a guy that loves his kitty cat. We discuss our upcoming show at the Elbo Room in Chicago on March 18. Spoiler alert - it was a great show! Several years ago we had a bad time at the Hard Rock Cafe in Memphis. Spoiler alert - they made us pay the sound guy. Von never wants to disappoint Jared like that. Yelp lets Jared down in Canton, Ohio and the band eats gross pizza. Black Star was an interesting album, and we miss David Bowie.

Episode 5 (03/12/17)

Today we have a chat with local artist Belinda Short. We discuss constraints that enhance creativity, so Von is going to paint the same horse over and over. Extreme cold saunas can be good for your health, but Von still wouldn't try it. God Grolsches those who Grolsch themselves. Belinda and Kirk speak intelligently about ketosis, and Jared learns so much. Also Von hates memes, and it becomes a meme.

Episode 4 (03/05/17)

On today's menu: Dating apps! Finding good conversation with people you find attractive is hard. Von has a very small iPhone. But it's gold. What kind of Modern Motion merch would you like to purchase? We also discuss our childhood playground marriages, and Kirk recounts rejection by his childhood crush :( 

Episode 3 (02/26/17)

The fellas tackle the topic of venues and how we perceive our own performances and construct set lists. Jared teaches the actual string musicians in the band how to use a capo. Kirk gets himself some glasses.

Episode 1 (02/12/17)

Enter a world where the fellas of Modern Motion talk about all things that matter: Music, coming of age tales, and the philosophy of the scientific method. You can stay in that world for about an hour.